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Hi my name is Kishan, I am the founder of Ethicaliving and I firstly like to thank you for dropping by.

I created this company with two aims in mind:

  1. To create amazing products and a luxurious experience for our customers.
  2. Doing it in the most sustainable way so to preserve and promote the growth of our planet.


Policy for our Planet

At the core of everything we do and make, we keep the health of our planet and its sustainability in mind. Our vision is to see a world in which consumerism doesn’t compromise the environment but rather builds on it and promotes it further; and because of this, we only use materials sourced from nature itself to that promote this cause.

All of our products are hand made with the greatest of care and highest attention to detail to ensure a luxury experience for our customers. From the manufacturing process right down to the packaging it is essential that all the materials we use are both sourced in a sustainable way and recyclable so that we keep our carbon footprint to the bare minimum.


Policy for the Animals

More and more studies are emerging consistently stating that the animal agriculture industry is the leading cause of Global Warming.

We believe animal exploitation is neither necessary nor a requirement in this day and age. Anything that uses such methods in its manufacturing process can now easily be made in an ethical and cruelty free way. As such, all our products are Vegan certified meaning no animals have been used or tested on in any of our processes from the sourcing of our materials down to the final steps of packaging them.