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So in April this year I made a trip to India to meet with the factory owners where my products will be made to get some of my samples finalised. After 2 months, I have finally received them.


When I first thought about starting this company, I had two aims in mind: 

 – To create luxury products made from entirely from plant based material.

 – To create a range to give people choices. 

I am happy to say I will be working with 3 (with a view to expand) different types of material’s; leather’s derived from: 

 – Cork

 – Coconut water

 – Paper (mixture of cellulose and latex)


Below I have posted pictures of samples according to the materials they have been made from. breakdown of the samples and the material’s they have been made from:

 – Paper: Women’s purses and bag, iPad case, laptop case, back pack and Men’s card holder (black), Men’s wallet and tote bag (brown)

 – Coconut: Women’s Bags (blue & red), iPad case (red)

 – Cork: Mens Wallet (black), Laptop case (black)


Please let me know what you all think, all feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Back Pack

Women’s Bag