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EthicaLiving was founded out of the desire to make fashion less fast and much more sustainable as well
as ethical. 

In 2017, Kishan Gohil (founder and CEO, EthicaLiving), set out on a mission to produce beautiful products that are 100% vegan.

Although the demand and landscape for ethical fashion was growing, he identified shortcomings in suppliers’ productions processes when buying goods for his personal use.

Whilst other brands offered cruelty free and ethical products, the inclusion of oil and other chemicals involved in the production of these leather alternative materials means they still weren’t

To achieve this, we always look to nature for inspiration.

We research and explore the various natural resources that can help us
deliver a pure and sustainable product for your enjoyment.

Sustainability starts with using materials and packaging that comes from nature itself that can either be returned back to nature by being compostable or can recycled and reused again. 

We really hope you enjoy our line of products as we strive to be the most ethical and sustainable brand on the market.

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