Product Durability

Cleaning Your Product

At EthicaLiving, we put a lot of love and passion into our products to make them into something we truly believe our customers will enjoy. All our product lines are made to last for a long time and require minimal upkeep. However if you find your product has managed to get dirty in any way or you just want to give a general clean, we recommend you follow our guidelines below on how to keep your products in good condition to last longer.

Product Durability


We only work with suppliers who are as passionate about their craft as we are about producing ethical and sustainable products. Therefore, the quality and durability of the Cork we use in our products can be compared to both the highest quality leather products and aged wine. This is because it built to last and has a lifespan of several years and just like wine, it ages with style and character.

However, as much as Cork shares many similarities to traditional leather, it also behaves differently in many aspects. It is much lighter due to the natural porousness of the material which also give it a smooth and luxurious feel. It’s also water, stain and scratch proof and so require very little maintenance. However if you do find yourself needing to give your product a clean, please follow our guidelines below.


The material used in our Coconut product line is one a kind and made in a unique way. Made to be tough by its processing method as well as its natural composition, it is also the only material which not only also has a lifespan of several years like our Cork products but is also compostable once it reaches the end of its life cycle. 


Just like a our Coconut material, the Paper fabric we use is also made up of a unique mix to give a soft feel to go with a genuine creased leather look. Due to this unique mix and composition, not only do our Paper products feel very light in weight like our Cork products, it also makes them tough and built to last. 


Cleaning your product


Cork is a naturally stain and water resistant material. To keep in good condition and improve its durability, clean your Cork product regularly with water and soap, using gentle circular motions. For a more deeper clean, please refrain from using any Cork cleaning products or the washing machine, instead do the following:

Fill a container which your product will fit in with warm water. Depending on how dirty your product is, you can add 3 drops of a mild dish-washing detergent or a mild fabric detergent. Then using a soft, clean cloth, dip it into the solution and wring it until it becomes as dry as possible. Then start by removing all the visible dirt first first from your item. Once all the visible first has been removed, rub the surface of your product using gentle circular motions to clean the rest. Repeat this until all dirt has been removed and your product is completely clean. Once you’re satisfied your product is completely clean, allow it to dry.

Coconut Much like Cork, Coconut is also a natural material and can be cleaned in a similar fashion using a damp cloth wetted with warm water and left to air dry. Once dried, we recommend applying a thin a layer of coconut oil to the surface of your product to ensure it remains moisturised. This is also advisable to treat it with coconut oil during hot, dry weather conditions.
Paper Just like our Cork and Paper products, a warm damp cloth may be used to remove light dirt marks and stains.
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