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Cork comes from the Cork Oak tree’s in Portugal. It is the bark of the tree, that when sustainably harvested can be turned into a very smooth and soft Leather fabric.

Cork is a fantastic and luxurious alternative to animal based leather due the fact that it’s extremely light in weight (50% of it’s volume is air) as Cork is a naturally porous material, it is also water resistant due to the protective, waxy waterproof substance called Suberin (that is present in the cell walls) that makes Cork impermeable to water and gases. Due to it’s honeycomb structure, Cork is also highly abrasion resistant and best of all, Cork is like a human finger prints, each product has its own unique pattern.

We therefore only work with Cork suppliers who are passionate about their own trade. This ensures that the Cork is both responsibly and sustainably sourced to protect the forests in which it it grows and the fabric produced is of the highest quality.



The coconut fabric we use is a unique one and one of a kind. It comes from India and made from the flesh of Coconut, otherwise known as Malai.

Malai is a newly developed biocomposite material made from bacterial cellulose. Malai refers directly to the creamy flesh of the coconut and it is the coconut water that sustains the bacteria whilst they are producing the cellulose. Not only is the material renewable but also compostable (decomposes within 6-9 months when it comes in contact with soil).

We are extremely excited and proud to work with our supplier who is just as passionate as we are about changing the standard of sustainable luxury fashion.




Also known as SnapPap, this Paper leather consists of more than 60% cellulose with the remaining being made of colour pigmentation and latex. This paper leather can be washed in the washing machine and does not contain Pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA and is neither harmful to the environment nor to health. The Cellulose is obtained from the trees from North European, sustainably managed forests.

We are excited to be working with a Paper material, which due to it’s unique composition is soft to touch but also resembles the creased look of animal based leather. In addition to this, it is also a renewable and recyclable material.



box packaging

Of course, when it comes to sustainable fashion, it’s not just about the materials used for the products that should be taken into account, we also want to deliver sustainable packaging.

All our box packaging is from recycled paper. Please help us to be as green as possible by either reusing the packaging (e.g. using it as a gift box or for refund and exchange purposes..although we really do hope you love your purchase!)



mailing bags

From our box packaging down to even our mailing bags, our aim really is to keep our carbon foot print and waste down to a minimum. We are therefore proud to have found and be working with a suppliers of compostable and recyclable mailing bags. 

The great thing about the compostable bags is that they come with two glue strips and they can be reused again. So please help us to stay green by reusing these.



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